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Who’s the Hero in Your Business?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Many businesses are mediocre because they don’t have the slightest desire to be heroic.

They just want to get through the day, collect the money, and carry on without too much hassle.

Other businesses fail to thrive due to an overabundance of hero syndrome.

“We’re awesome, we beat the competition, we kick ass …” we, we, we.

News flash: No one cares about you or your business.

People care about themselves. They care about their problems and desires.

Your business must become a hero to thrive, yes.

Just remember that you’re not the hero

In the world of Jungian archetypes, some people must be treated as a hero in order to be satisfied.

But I’m pretty sure every personality type enjoys being taken on a journey that places them in the role of hero, if it means solving their problem or satisfying their desire.

That puts you and your content in another archetypical heroic role — the Sage.

The Sage is the epitome of the likable expert. He or she helps you by seemingly understanding your problems and desires better than you do, and then guiding you along the right path.

The Sage is not some infallible guru.

Rather, this is a real person who simply demonstrates the ability and desire to lead you on your particular journey.

The key concept is demonstrate, as opposed to claim. Anyone can claim authority, and we routinely ignore them, online and off.

The internet makes authority accessible, but also assessable.

How do you stack up?

Author: Brian Clark. December 9, 2019.

Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable, and editor of Further.

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